Tips for Hosting Your Own Open House

hosting an open house

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Looking to sell your house this summer? Hosting an open house is an important step in the process. Guests entering your home, looking to buy, will want it to be warm and inviting. It should be clean, well-lighted, tastefully furnished, and devoid of personal items. With the mass use of web applications and the internet, the housing market has changed. Apps that find open houses for people in your area are in constant use, so you need to stay on top of possible sales opportunities by hosting an open house directly after posting it in the housing market. Let’s explore a few tips for hosting your own open house in greater detail.

Post your Home Online

According to the National Association of Realtors , 92 percent of interested buyers use the internet in search of new homes. It is extremely important for you to post your home online. Share postings through all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to list it on all major real estate portals i.e. Craigslist, etc .This will quickly, and efficiently notify interested guests in your area, and more people will show up to your open house. Keep in mind, the more people you attract to you home, the easier it will be to sell it. It’s not going to matter how much you spruce up your home if you don’t actively tell people about it.

Make a Good First Impression

The exterior of your home is very important. This will be the first impression guests will have of your home. You don’t want a tangled, neglected hose lying in your front yard, nor do you want tattered shutters with chipped paint clanging in the wind. Take the necessary steps to freshen up the landscaping and exterior paints. You might even consider purchasing new garage doors, front doors, address numbers etc. Make sure pets are put in kennels or away from the main areas of your home. You never know which guests may be afraid of them. Anything that looks old, worn, or neglected needs to be replaced. Good first impressions are everything.

Make sure Everything is Spotless

Your property must be in pristine condition in order for buyers to even consider purchasing. This includes making sure everything is clean. Wipe down those windows you haven’t washed in a while, making sure to get rid of any water streaking or spots. Wipe down all surfaces! There shouldn’t be a crumb left on anything. Remove all personal belongings! Your house should not appear lived-in, it should be presented like new. Hire a carpet cleaner! If you have old coffee stains on your carpets, be sure to hire a professional to get them out. This will take the odor out of your carpets as well.

Tastefully Furnish Your Home

Adding new furniture can really bring a room together. Tasteful furnishing communicates a style/image that will entice prospective homeowners into buying. If you have a rusty sink, replace it with a shining, stainless steel one. Cover up any wildly painted walls with neutral colors. Make everything look clean, organized, and tame. You never know who you might chase away with over-the-top decorations. Add clean towels to the bathroom, and place vases of flowers to match the decor in each room.

Put Up Signs For Your Open House

Place signs saying “Open House,” with an arrow pointing in the direction of your home. Place them not only in your front yard, but all over your neighborhood, and by main roads. Remember, you’re trying to attract as many people as possible.

It’s Time to Have Guests Come to Your Open House

Once you’ve cleaned, replaced old, worn belongings, furnished your home nicely, put the pets in the basement and spread the word about your open house it’s time for the big reveal. Turn on all the lights! This includes cabinet lights, bathroom lights, and closet lights. You want to make sure everything is as bright and cheerful as you can possibly make it. Be sure to provide information! Print out brochures/flyers with photos of your home, and the detailed information about it (how many bedrooms, bathrooms, square foot measurements etc.). This way, you can hand them out to guests exiting your home. They then have something to take with them that they can reference later during their search. It will keep your home in the back of their minds. Bake cookies, or provide snacks. Providing snacks is a great way to keep guests remembering you. Remember they are guests in your home, so they should be treated with hospitality. Be sure to collect names and contact information from guests. This way, once they’re out the door, you can contact them for feedback or see if they’re still interested.

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