How to Use a Quit Claim Deed to Transfer Your Home's Title

Quit claim deeds are a type of deed commonly used to transfer the title of a home in situations where there is no financial transaction. This is not the type of deed a seller would use to transfer the home to a seller (which would be a warranty deed). Quit claim deeds are frequently used to transfer ownership of property among family members. Learn more about quit claim deeds and the situations in which they can apply in this week’s blog.

Quit Claim Deeds

A quit claim deed transfers ownership of a property between parties. This type of deed doesn’t provide the new owner with a guarantee that the seller owns the property, therefore it also doesn’t guarantee that they have the authority to sell the property. It does not guarantee that the buyer will receive the property free of mortgages. A warranty deed, on the other hand, does provide the buyer with these guarantees and warranties.

If a quit claim deed doesn’t provide the buyer with these guarantees, why would it be used? The answer is that it offers a simple solution for parties who already have an established relationship to transfer ownership of property. Quit claim deeds are used in situations where there is already a high degree of trust among the parties involved. Here are a few examples.

  • A single homeowner gets married and wants to add his or her spouse to the home’s title. He or she could use a quit claim deed to easily do so.
  • A couple is divorcing and one spouse is going to retain ownership of the house. The other spouse could easily cede their ownership with a quit claim deed.
  • A family member wishes to convey ownership of their property to another family member.
  • The owner of a trust wishes to convey ownership of property to the trust.

Quit claim deeds are also a simple and effective way to correct mistakes or clarify unclear information from previous deeds. For example, a husband and wife may not have specified the tenancy when they purchased the house, in which case most states assume tenancy in common. The spouses may later realize that they prefer to hold as joint tenants with right of survivorship. A quit claim deed would allow them to make this change.

quit claim deed

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