Title Examinations vs. Title Insurance

The process of title insurance involves something known as a title examination. During a title examination, the title company researches the entire history of the ownership of the property via the land records. After this research is complete and no issues with the title have been found, the title company will issue title insurance.


However, this may bring up a question among some homebuyers. If the title examination is completed and no errors are found, why would I need insurance? Hasn’t the title company verified that the title is clear? If so, it seems insurance might not be necessary.


This is a logical deduction, but there are other factors in play here. Just because research didn’t turn up any issues with the title, doesn’t mean that the potential for issues is still there. There is still the potential that an unscrupulous person may attempt a fraudulent claim on your title. An estate may be mishandled, or a filing error may occur, which could open up the potential for problems with your title. There is no way to foresee these possibilities when the title examination is done, which is why it alone doesn’t offer sufficient protection. Title insurance ensures that you’re protected in the future if any problems arise with your home’s title.


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