Tips for Choosing a Real Estate Agent

real estate agent

Picking a good real estate agent will help you make the most out of your home buying or selling experience!

One of the most important parts of selling a home is choosing the right real estate agent. It may seem like a simple enough process – after all, there are plenty of real estate agents out there! But every individual sale will have unique requirements and picking a real estate agent suited for your needs will help you make the most out of your transaction. Here are some tips for what you should be looking for when choosing a real estate agent.

Soliciting Opinions

It is good practice to get many different opinions from many agents before putting your home on the market. Ask prospective agents for listing presentations and ask them how much they would suggest your home be listed for. All of these agents should be able to produce roughly the same price as they are looking at the same data to make that call. But you should automatically reject any agents with a price way above the average as this could be a red flag. Homes that are priced too high will sit on the market and end up selling for less money than properly priced homes.

Dedication to the Field

Many real estate agents out there work part-time, and you should avoid these agents as well. Choosing an agent who works full-time grants two advantages. First, you ensure that you’re getting a partner who actively follows the real estate market every day. Second, you ensure maximum access to your home for potential buyers, who may fall through the cracks if a part-time agent is not available to show them the home.

Choose a Real Estate Agent Experienced with Your Type of Sale

You wouldn’t go to an Italian restaurant if you were looking to eat great tacos, right? In the same way, you’ll want to entrust your real estate sale to someone experienced in selling your kind of property. If you’re selling a residential property, don’t turn to someone experienced in selling commercial property!

Follow these tips to ensure your real estate transaction goes smoothly and has the greatest potential for success. And don’t forget to call us for your title search and insurance needs!

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