Do I Need Title Insurance in Anne Arundel County?

Do I need title insurance in Anne Arundel County? Home buyers need to ask themselves this question. And while you’re not required to buy title insurance for yourself, there are many good reasons to do so. Let’s talk about why you might need title insurance in Anne Arundel County.

Why you should get title insurance in Anne Arundel County

You can never know if your title is completely defect free.

When you buy title insurance in Anne Arundel County, a home title company conducts an extensive title search to determine if there are any defects in the title that can be found in land records. However, there are defects that are impossible to find in these records. This happens because there was a filing error, or a fraudulent act on the part of a past owner. Regardless, a title search can’t find every defect with a title. This is one great reason why you need title insurance in Anne Arundel County.

You already have to get it for your lender.

You’re required to purchase title insurance for your lender. So why not get it for yourself too?

You’ll never have to worry about a claim on your title.

Imagine always wondering if someone might come out of nowhere with a valid claim on your home’s title. Now imagine never having to worry about this. With title insurance in Anne Arundel County, you’ll be in the second camp. And it will definitely be worth it.

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