Closing Time: A Checklist for Closing

The closing date on your home is approaching, and you’ve got a lot of things on your mind. Closing is an exciting time, you’re on the brink of homeownership! With a little planning and foresight, you can make sure the events leading up to closing and those that follow go smoothly. Use this closing checklist to make sure you’ve got your priorities in order when it comes time to close.

Your Closing Checklist

Figure out what work needs to be done.

Chances are you’re looking at making your own improvements on the home in many areas. Make a list during your final walk-through of some things you want to get started on as soon as you’re moved in. Then start looking for contractors and getting bids and estimates, so when the keys are yours, you can get the ball rolling quickly.

Make sure utilities are in order.

Sometimes utilities companies offer grace periods in between the time the old owner leaves and the new owner moves in, but they may not. Call up local utilities companies before the closing to get things straightened out so you’re not stuck with no power when you move in.

Change the locks.

The seller most likely has several sets of keys circulating among real estate agents, neighbors, friends, and family members. Arrange for the locks to be changed as soon as you move in for peace of mind.

Get a cleaning crew together.

The seller may or may not do a thorough cleaning of the house before they move out. As soon as you close, enlist the services of a cleaning crew. It will make moving in that much easier.

Get someone to sweat the small stuff.

There are tons of tasks large and small to be accomplished when you move in. Having a handyman to help you with the small stuff will save you a lot of time and trouble.

closing checklist

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