When is My Maryland Real Estate Settlement Really Finished?


What do you need from your title company after settlement?

So, you’ve just left the settlement table and finished signing all the paperwork. You are, naturally, looking forward to being finished with the process of buying your new home. Thoughts of moving in, making improvements, and a bright future in your new home should be at the forefront of your mind. But there are major details that still need to be finalized before the purchase of your new home can be completed.

Your Title Company Still Has Plenty to Do

While the items below are – as the headline implies – the title company’s responsibility, you still need to follow up with them to ensure they’re completed and that your interests are properly protected.

  • Monetary disbursements must be sent to all parties due money not paid at the table. This includes paying off any existing mortgages, homeowners association dues, water bills, inspection invoices, etc.
  • Recording your new deed and deed of trust, reflecting the new ownership and title interests in the property, including payment of recordation fees, transfer taxes and property tax.
  • Paying for the title insurance to the Title Insurance Company issuing your title insurance polices.
  • Sending copies of your executed documents from settlement if they weren’t provided at the settlement table.
  • Confirming the receipt of payment by original lender, obtaining or ensuring release of payoffs are recorded in the appropriate county land records.
  • Following up with your municipality’s recording office to confirm your ownership interest is properly reflected.

In addition, also remember to ask your title insurance agent/settlement company to provide you with the following documents for your records after your settlement is concluded to be sure they finished the job and your interests in the property are protected.

  • Deed – Deed with recording stamp by the county in which the property is located.
  • Release – A copy of the release of any previous/existing mortgages that were paid off at closing.
  • Closing Package – A copy of the documents that you signed at closing for you records.


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