The Six Basics Steps of a Real Estate Settlement

real estate settlement six steps

Learn the six basic steps in a real estate settlement.

The settlement of a real estate transaction involves the investigation made or actions taken by a title agent or title attorney before they issue the title policy to the homeowner. The process can sound daunting, but really there are just six basic steps. In its simplest form, the following six steps comprise a real estate settlement. 

Create a Settlement Order

The process of a real estate settlement begins with a title request from a lender or a ratified contract from a buyer. 

Process the Title Components

Then, the title company orders the necessary components for the real estate settlement. These components include a title search, tax information, loan payoffs, homeowner or maintenance fees, judgment search, and a survey if necessary. 

Conduct a Title Search 

Next, the title company conducts an extensive search of public records to determine if there are any possible title defects. The public records researched include deeds, mortgages, plats, covenants, rights of way, and judgment searches. 

Conduct a Title Examination

Once the public records are researched, the title company scrutinizes these documents. Any documents found during the search that may affect the title to the property are thoroughly examined, and verification of the legal owner and debts owed against the property will be determined. 

Prepare Documents

Finally, once a title search has been conducted and any defects have been resolved, the title agent can prepare the necessary settlement documents. The agent will review loan documents, lender instructions, and requirements, and other instructions from parties to the transaction. The closing statements are then prepared, and the closing date is set. 

The Real Estate Settlement Appointment

Finally, the licensed settlement agent or attorney will handle all aspects of the closing transaction. The seller will sign the deed, the buyer signs the new mortgage, the old loan is paid off, and the new mortgage is signed. The last step in the settlement process is recording the documents in the county in which the property is located. Then, the property owner is equipped with the assurance that they are in possession of the property title. 

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