Real Estate Settlement Services in Baltimore

As a real estate agent, it’s a great feeling when your client is finally ready to settle. The long road to closing time has almost reached its end. Now it’s time to contact Colony Title for real estate settlement services in Baltimore. Our experienced team conducts more than 2000 real estate closings every year, so we know how to administer your closing efficiently and effectively, and most importantly, so that all parties are satisfied.

Real Estate Settlement Services in Baltimore

Our comprehensive real estate closing services will ensure that as a realtor, your client is satisfied. We coordinate all steps of the settlement process, and our law firm can help prepare and review all legal documents. We also offer a cost estimate calculator for a quote on the process. In addition, we offer our direct link service over the internet so you can send all of your closing information online without having to come to us with the paperwork.

Title insurance is another aspect of the closing process in Baltimore which we cover. Title insurance is a necessity to protect both buyers and lenders against claims against the property. Our experienced title team will conduct an exhaustive title search and provide both the lender and the buyer with the insurance, and file relevant paperwork with the local county records. If your buyer needs a lender, we can use our network of qualified and experienced mortgage bankers to provide this service as well.

Baltimore real estate settlement

About Colony Title Associates:

Founded in 1995, Colony Title Group handles in excess of 2000 real estate closings per year in the central Maryland area. The founder Tee Tillman has over 23 years experience in the title and real estate law fields. Colony handles closings for several lenders, including banks, credit unions and mortgage brokers. Colony is the preferred choice for many real estate brokers in the Baltimore area. If you have any questions concerning issues that Baltimore title insurance protects you from, feel free to contact us at 410 884-1160 or visit today!

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