What Does a Title Insurance Company Do?

A title insurance company provides you the homeowner and your mortgage lender with title insurance to protect both parties from title claims against the property. The insurance protects you and the lender from financial loss and legal costs associated with title claims. How does the process of title insurance work? Read on to find out.

What Does a Title Insurance Company Do?

When you enlist the services of a title insurance company in Columbia, the company begins what is known as a title examination. This process involves extensive research of the ownership history of the property to search for any potential issues with the title. This includes issues such as unpaid liens and taxes, or judgments or outstanding mortgages against the property. The title company may also do a property survey to determine the boundaries of the land and if there are any conflicts with these boundaries and the boundaries of neighboring properties.

It’s important to note that despite the title examination, there are issues which cannot be accounted for. Human error or malicious intent can result in everything from filing errors to fraudulent filings that could later result in a potential title claim. It is for this reason that it’s important to have title insurance, in order to protect yourself from title claims that could not have been predicted during the title examination.

Once the title examination and the property survey, the title company coordinates all parties involved (buyer, seller, lender, agents) at closing time to distribute funds, transfer ownership of the property and issue insurance. During your ownership of your home, if a title claim is made against your property, your Columbia title insurance company will cover the costs of legal proceedings and or losses arising as a result of the claim.

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