Title Insurance in Harford County: A Good Investment

If you’re buying a new home, it’s a great idea to consider title insurance in Harford County. Title insurance is a one-time fee you pay when you close on your home that protects you from claims on your home’s title. You also get the benefit of an extensive title search that can find problems with your home’s title before you take ownership of the property. This way, these problems don’t become your responsibility. Learn more about the benefits of title insurance in our blog.

title insurance Harford County

Title Insurance in Harford County: What are the Benefits?

The Title Search

The title search is a thorough search of all local records relevant to the title of the property that you are intending to buy. The title search looks for problems that can show up in records that could negatively affect the title in some way.

For example, say a previous owner owed back taxes, and a lien was placed on the home’s title. If this lien was not paid by the previous owner, it is still associated with the home’s title. The next buyer could inherit the burden of this lien if he or she does not know it’s there. But with a title search, you can become aware of these problems and refer them to the correct party before they become your responsibility as the owner of the property.

Protection from Title Claims

The other big thing title insurance in Harford County protects you from are title claims. Title claims are a claim on your home’s title by a third party, who is claiming that they have a legitimate interest in the property. This can occur as a result of problems with the title that cannot be uncovered by the title search, such as filing errors or fraud.

What this means is that a filing error or fraudulent filing that could have occurred many years ago with regards to your home’s title can create a situation where another party can actually claim a legitimate interest in your home’s title. You need to protect yourself from this situation. This is where title insurance comes in.

When you have title insurance in Harford County, any claims on the home’s title are handled by your title insurance company. The title insurance company will litigate for you, navigate the complex sphere of real estate law, and saving you a significant amount of time and money in the process. Title insurance could be the difference that saves you your home. To learn more, contact Colony Title Associates today at 410-884-1160, or visit ColonyTitle.com today!


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