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Are you buying a new home in Baltimore County? You should consider getting title insurance as well. Title insurance is the best way to protect your home from title claims. This week, we’ll talk about what a title claim is, how it could threaten your ownership of your home, and how title insurance protects you from title claims.

Title Insurance in Baltimore County

What is a title claim?

When you buy your home, you’re given the deed to the property. This is yours until you sell your home. However, if someone makes a title claim on your home, they’re saying that they are rightfully entitled to the deed which you thought was yours.

How does this happen?

There are several ways this can happen. One is fraud. A fraudulent act with regard to the title, even if it dates back 50 or 100 years or more, can make the title vulnerable, and allow a third party to make a claim. Filing errors are another occurrence that can set up the potential for a legitimate claim to be made on a home’s title by a third party.

Doesn’t the title search look for problems with the title?

The title search does look for problems with the title, and it can find a lot with careful analysis of records. However, things like fraud, which is a deliberate act to obscure title information, cannot be discovered during the title search. This is why you need title insurance in Baltimore County.

Why do you need title insurance in Baltimore County?

The purpose of title insurance is to protect you from these unforeseeable claims on your home’s title. If someone were to make a claim on your home’s title and you did not have title insurance, you’d have a big and expensive legal battle on your hands, one that in the worst case scenario could end with you losing your home. If you have title insurance in Baltimore County, your insurer will take care of the legal issues for you, and your home will be protected.

title insurance Baltimore County

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