The Importance of Title Insurance in Harford County


Title insurance is an important thing to have for your Harford County home.

Most people don’t think about the possibility of losing their home due to a title claim. Unfortunately, title claims do exist, and the only fool-proof way to protect your home from a title claim is to invest in title insurance.

In Harford County, affordable title insurance is available to you. Learn the benefits of investing in title insurance, and why it’s the most formidable defense against title claims.

The Threat of Title Claims

So what is a title claim? A title claim occurs when a third party claims they own the title to your home. But if you bought your home, how could this happen? Well, if the previous owners or other individuals forge or previously forged real estate documents, such as mortgages, satisfactions, impersonations etc, they may try to claim they are the rightful owners of the title. Also, mistakes in records can cause issues with title ownership to arise as well.

The Role of Title Insurance

When you have title insurance in Harford County, if someone makes a claim on your title, you’re covered. The insurance company takes care of all the fees and paperwork involved in protecting your title. They will do any negotiations the claim may require as well. Without insurance, you’re on your own, and very well may lose your home.

Added Benefits of Title Search

When you purchase title insurance, it protects you even before you buy your home. Title companies can do a title search before the purchase to make sure there are no potential issues. This minimizes risks and gives you a sense of security. Many potential issues can be found by doing a title search, such as: deeds, judgments, wills, liens, easements, outstanding mortgages, and more. It’s important to know about all of these things before buying your home.

To learn more about why you should get title insurance in Harford County, contact Colony Title today.

About Colony Title Associates:

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