How Is A Title Insurance Policy Different From Other Types Of Insurance?

Before any property is transferred from the seller to the buyer, a title search must be conducted. A title search includes the following:

  • A real estate attorney researches the land records in the county court house
  • A real estate attorney documents the chain of ownership of the property

A title search helps identify all owners, outstanding liens, encumbrances, encroachments, rights of way, easements, etc. associated with the property. Title searches are designed to eliminate most of the risk of the transaction…most of the risk, but not all of it.

This is where Owner’s Title Insurance comes into play.

Something could be missed or overlooked during the title search, which could result in a claim being presented at a later date.

So how is Title Insurance different from other Insurance Policies?

Unlike other insurance policies, title insurance protects you against events that occurred before the policy was purchased as long as the title defect was not discovered at the time of the title search.

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