Do Home Title Searches Find Anything?

A title search is the process of searching public records to assess the history of a home’s title. These records include deeds, court records, property and name indexes. As we’ve written before, there are things that a title search can find and things that it can’t find. Title insurance serves as added protection against the potential problems that a title search can’t find, making it a valuable asset for your home.

But what about the things that a title search can find? Do title searches often find problems in public records that could lead to a claim against a home? It might seem counterintuitive that public records could be incorrect or that some problem could exist there that could lead to a title issue. These are public records after all, they should be correct, right? As much as we would like to think so, the fact is that this is often not the case.

Problems are frequently discovered during a home title search. According to Jeremy Yohe, spokesman for the American Land Title Association and quoted on, “One out of every three searches reveals a title or public record defect that’s fixed before the transaction closes.”

To put this another way, if you and two friends each bought a home, one of you would encounter a problem during the title search. Gambling that there won’t be any problems with your home’s title isn’t a chance you want to take. For more information on home title searches and title insurance in Maryland, contact Colony Title Associates today.

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