Should I Get Title Insurance in Howard County?

Should I get title insurance in Howard County? This is a question you’re bound to ask yourself if you’re buying a new home in Howard County. And unlike many aspects of the home buying process, the answer to this question, we believe, is very straightforward. Here are a few great reasons you should get title insurance in Howard County for your new home.

Why You Need Title Insurance in Howard County

The title search uncovers potential problems with your title.

Potential problems on your home’s title include financial encumbrances such as unpaid liens or taxes. Even if these weren’t your responsibility before, they become your responsibility when you purchase the property. A title search is performed and local records are examined to determine if encumbrances exist on the title, so they can be dealt with before you purchase the property. Don’t let unpaid taxes become your responsibility!

Title insurance protects you from problems that can’t be found.

Though the title search is useful, it can’t uncover every potential title problem. Some, such as fraud, forgery, or misfiled records, cannot be discovered by any title search. This is where title insurance in Howard County comes in. This is your protection from claims that could arise as a result of these kind of title problems. Title insurance in Howard County is essential to protect yourself from title problems that can’t be anticipated.

You must purchase it for the lender.

Regardless of whether you get title insurance for yourself, the homeowner, you are obligated to buy title insurance for your lender. While you’re at it, it’s a smart decision to get title insurance for yourself too.

Your peace of mind is worth it.

The sense of finality once you sign the final documents and officially obtain ownership of your new home is a feeling that is hard to match. But if you don’t have title insurance in Howard County, you’ll always be wondering if a claim will surface. Protect yourself with title insurance in Howard County. Your peace of mind is worth it.

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