Why Should I Get Title Insurance in Charles County?

Are you buying a new home and wondering if you should get title insurance in Charles County? Is this a good investment in your home? We believe it is a great investment. In fact, it’s one that could end up saving you your home. This one-time fee you pay when you close on your home is well worth it in the long run. Learn more in our blog!

title insurance Charles County

Why Should I Get Title Insurance in Charles County?

Do you know the history of the home’s title?

The title to the home you’re buying has likely been passed through many hands over the course of its existence. And in the process, it may have picked up a lien against a former owner as a result of unpaid taxes or mortgage payments. If you’re unaware that there are any outstanding liens or other encumbrances on a home’s title, these become your responsibility when you purchase the home. So how does title insurance help you avoid this?

The Title Search

When you purchase title insurance in Charles County, the title insurance company does a thorough investigation of all local records pertinent to the title. This is done in order to discover encumbrances on the home’s title. Even if you thought the title was clean, there may be an encumbrances buried in local records that is still applicable. The title search helps you avoid picking up any encumbrances once you purchase the home.

Protection of Your Homeownership

Ok, so if the title search finds problems with the title, why do I need title insurance in Charles County? The answer is that not every problem can be found via the title search. Some problems like forgery or fraudulent records are not discoverable by a title search, and can only be brought to light when someone makes a claim on your home’s title. When this happens, you’ll be in much better shape if you have title insurance.

This is because when you have title insurance in Charles County, any claims on the home’s title are handled by your title insurance company. The title insurance company will litigate for you, navigate the complex sphere of real estate law, and saving you a significant amount of time and money in the process. Title insurance could be the difference that saves you your home. To learn more, contact Colony Title Associates today at 410-884-1160, or visit ColonyTitle.com today!


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