The Benefits of Title Insurance in Prince George's County

Buying a home in Prince George’s County is an exciting process, especially for a first time homeowner. And one of the best ways to protect the huge investment you’re making in your home is with title insurance. Title insurance helps you protect your home from claims against the title, which could make the difference between you keeping your home and losing your home. Learn about the benefits of title insurance in Prince George’s County in this week’s blog.

The Benefits of Title Insurance in Prince George’s County

A Title Search

When you buy title insurance in Prince George’s County the title company conducts a title search, which means they go through all the records relevant to your home’s title. This is to see if there are any unpaid liens, mortgages, loans, or other problems that are still outstanding on the home’s title. If any of these are found, they can be taken care of before ownership of the home is transferred to you. If you were to buy your home without conducting a title search, you would become responsible for any unpaid taxes, etc., which you definitely don’t want. The title search helps take care of these problems to make sure they don’t become yours.

Protection Against the Unseen

A title search can find a lot, but it can’t uncover every potential problem with a home’s title. This is because of mistakes which may have been made in filing records many years ago. It could also be because a previous owner made a forgery or fraudulent change to a record in the past. It’s not impossible that this could have happened to your home’s title, which makes it especially important to protect yourself with title insurance in Prince George’s County.

It Protects You Against Title Claims

The last thing you want it for someone with a legitimate claim to your home’s title to come forward. This can happen however, and usually does because of one of those unseen errors we just talked about. If it does, title insurance in Prince George’s County can be the difference between keeping and losing your home. Protect yourself against every possible situation and get peace of mind with title insurance. Talk to Colony Title Associates today to learn more.

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