What are the Advantages of Title Insurance in Frederick County?

One of the many components of buying a new home is considering whether you also want to purchase title insurance in Frederick County. Your home is your most valuable asset, and title insurance can help you protect that asset. Learn about the many advantages of title insurance in Frederick County in this week’s blog!

The Advantages of Title Insurance in Frederick County

The Title Search

If you choose to purchase title insurance in Frederick County, the title company will conduct a title search. This is a thorough examination of all the records related to your home’s title. The purpose of this is to find any problems with the title that are still outstanding. This can save you a lot of trouble, because if you don’t take care of these problems before the title is transferred to you, they become your problems. You can face everything from unpaid taxes and liens to creditors calling you for a debt you now owe. The title search helps you avoid these problems right from the start.

Long-Term Protection

Of course, the title search can’t find all of the potential problems with a home’s title. Records show a lot, but they don’t show everything. This is due to errors in filing, and more deliberate actions like fraud and forgery. For protection against these unknown variables, you need title insurance in Frederick County. Why? For protection against third-party title claims.

Protection Against Title Claims

It could be that because of a filing error, forgery, or other long-ago action, that a third-party has a legitimate claim to the title which you thought was yours and yours alone. If that person brings legal action against you, your title insurance in Frederick Company will protect your home and foot the bill for court costs.

You Leave Nothing to Chance

Are you willing to take the chance that someone might be able to claim ownership of your home’s title? With title insurance in Frederick you leave nothing to chance, and give your home full protection under any circumstance. Talk to Colony Title Associates today for more information about title insurance in Frederick County.

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