When is the Best Time to Buy a New Home?

You’re ready to purchase a new home. You’ve considered where you want to live, what you’re looking for in your own place, and are ready to figure out that nasty word: budget. One consideration that you want to look at when setting your budget is when you’re buying. Believe it or not, there are times of the year that are better and worse for home buying.

So when is the best time to buy?
Luckily for you, right NOW is the best time to buy a home. Between November and January, prices of homes drop to an all time low. People are busy with the holidays and trying to keep up with family and friends. There is generally very little time for moving. Because of this, prices hit rock bottom. If homeowners have had their houses on the market for long, chances are they’re very ready to get out from underneath them at this point.

Since there are less people buying, your real estate agent will also have more time for you during the winter months. He or she will be able to spend a lot of time finding out exactly what it is that you want in a home and searching out that home with you. Get on this in early December when prices are at their absolute lowest.

Another big advantage of shopping for homes in the winter is that you get to see your home when it’s at its lowest point. Without the greenery and sunlight, you’ll get to see every aspect at the home, meaning it can only get better from there! Once you’ve chosen your home, don’t forget to purchase title insurance for your new place!

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