A Helpful Guide To The “Pre-Move”

Here are some things to consider to properly get rid of unnecessary items you may have in your home.

Before moving, there is a lot that must be taken care of. If you’ve been too busy to go through all of the things in your current home, you’ll be in for a harsh surprise. Getting rid of certain items is necessary. But, if you are preparing to move, right now is actually the time to purge all your things. Decluttering your humble abode is one of the greatest ways you can speed along the actual process of packing and simultaneously moving. Here are some things to consider to properly get rid of unnecessary items you may have in your home.

Create A Solid Plan Of Attack

Getting ready to get rid of all the stuff you’ve accumulated in your humble abode over the years can be draining. Getting rid of things that no longer spark joy –– per Marie Kondo –– can really do wonders for your emotional state during such a stressful time. There are a number of things in your home that could use a tossing out. Think of things like clothing, furniture, books, toys, papers, kitchen items, decor, and any electronics or gadgets that you no longer need or use. By getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff, you can take hold of your move in a productive and proactive way.

Sort All Of Your Items

Tackle your things. Now. Take a look at all the things you have in your home. Put all of the things into categories to help make the sorting process easier. Once you have categories, you can go through the different things easier and in a successful way without feeling overwhelmed by the entire process. Keep piles separate and ensure you know what you’ll be keeping, selling, donating, recycling, and simply throwing out in the trash.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, having a clean and organized space is the best way to help make any move better. Getting rid of things before you move will make packing and moving seamless and less stressful.

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