Furnishing Your New Home On A Budget

If you’ve just added “homeowner” to your list of titles – including the title insurance you purchased with your new property – chances are, you’re in the process of looking to furnish it.  But between the cost of real estate and inflation of prices in just about every market, outfitting all those big, empty spaces in your new place might seem like a bit of a break-banker, not to mention overwhelming.

You already know that you can’t skimp on title insurance, as it ensures that you won’t get caught in any title claims arising from the unfinished business of any previous owners.  But when it comes to looking for pieces for your home, whether it be furniture, art, accessories, or otherwise, it is certainly possible to scrimp and save.  Below, check out Colony Title’s tips for decorating your digs on a dime at yard and estate sales.

If you’re a sensitive person, it might take you a bit to get over the fact that you’re cashing in on the amazing mid-century modern lamp of a recently deceased person, but the fact of the matter is, second-hand sales are a great way to pick up new-to-you pieces.  Whether you’re looking for gently used contemporary furniture or antique collectibles, there’s usually a smattering of just about everything at yard and estate sales.

For many people, stopping by one of these sales is often a spontaneous matter, decided on a whim based on a sign posted on the side of the road.  But it can be a much more calculated affair: the Internet is a great resource to help you plan a route to several spots.  Whether you download an app on your smart phone or jot down some addresses before leaving the house, getting online is a great way to optimize your time and take advantage of all the deals in your area in one weekend.

Keep in mind these hot items to pick up on the cheap: frames (even if you’re not a fan of the artwork in them), inexpensive wood pieces that can be updated with paint or new hardware, complete china sets that are marked down to seriously satisfying prices, and whatever else catches your eye.  Don’t be afraid to negotiate on cost, either.  Just be sure to ask politely: chances are, the homeowners are looking to get rid of their old items and free up more space, so they’re usually not opposed to haggling price points.

If you’re not into second-hand, don’t forget to shop smartly at furniture stores: check out outlets near you, ask about floor model discounts, and hop on opportunities to purchase non-returnable, close-out items – just be sure to measure your space before you buy.  Check to see if the store offers any financing plans, too, to make the money you’re about to spend a little more manageable to pay off.

Colony Title wants you to make wise decisions when it comes to your home, which is why we wanted to offer up these cost-saving strategies, and to remind you to choose our team of experts to perform a title search on your home: no use making the most out of your money with furniture if you find out after the fact that you owe thousands due to a title claim.

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