Why you Need Title Insurance for your New Home

Homeownership comes with its advantages: having a space of your own, decorating according to your whims, and living out the all-American dream of having a yard. But there are some risks involved in owning a home that you don’t want to face, like dealing with a title defect left behind by a previous owner.

When buying a home, you’ll need title insurance so that you are free to enjoy the upsides of homeownership. It’ll ensure that you are free from any debts or obligations associated with the property, that you can use it as you wish to, and that when you want to sell, you can without issue.

Unlike most insurance policies, which are paid on a routine basis, title insurance is a one-time only, flat-fee that protects against issues such as:

  • Forged title documents
  • Undisclosed mortgage or lien
  • Improperly recorded Deed
  • False or incorrect legal descriptions

In short, title insurance will protect you from having to deal with any previous defects associated a home’s title, preventing you from facing claims that aren’t your fault.

The title insurance agents in Maryland at Colony Title Associates can help to insure you against title defects in the process of buying a new home.  Call us today at 410-884-1160 or visit ColonyTitle.com to get started.

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