Title Insurance in Maryland: Real Estate Agents Need a Title Insurance Company

Real estate agents are considered the go-to experts and consultants in the home buying process, as they guide both homebuyers and sellers through real estate transactions. But in order for real estate agents to effectively handle all the paperwork associated with closing on a property, they often consult a title insurance company. Here are a few insights that explain why a title insurance company – in Maryland or elsewhere – can be a big help in making the transaction process smooth from beginning to end.

Why Real Estate Agents Need a Title Insurance Company

Coordination: Many title insurance companies don’t just perform title searches, but also coordinate each step of the settlement process to avoid headaches for real estate agents over technical documents.

Document Review: In the event that legal documents need to be looked over with a fine comb by legal experts, many title agents are also attorneys, and can handle the paperwork for you.

Title Insurance: What goes into the process of procuring title insurance? A title agent will perform a search on the property in order to protect homebuyers from any fraud, forgery, or incorrect documentation made in the past. Title insurance guards from any of these unforeseen claims made against a property.

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