Title Defects & Encumbrances: How They Can Affect a Title

title defects

A title examination can help root out any title defects or encumbrances before they become a problem.

A title search is one of the first steps toward purchasing a property, and it involves uncovering problems associated with the title that may impede the buyer’s ownership rights. Problems with the title can be classified into one of two camps: title defects and title encumbrances. In this article we’ll give you a quick rundown of what they are and how they can affect the title on your real estate property.

Title Defects

A title defect can cause considerable problems for a buyer, and often involve  errors like omissions, mistakes in deed recording, incorrect marital status, and fraudulent signatures. A title defect may cause considerable headaches. If an heir of a property were to convey the property without opening an estate, for example, who is to say that there were not other heirs that should have signed off? Working with a qualified title insurance company is the best way to avoid these sorts of issues prior to purchase, and protect yourself from future claims.

Title Encumbrances

When a claim is made on real property by someone other than the property owner, that is considered a title encumbrance. Encumbrances can also include liens, deed restrictions, easements, and encroachments. These problems restrict the use of the property, which is a significant problem for the buyer.

Resolving Title Defects and Encumbrances

Encumbrances can be filed in many different places according to the type of lien and where the property in question is located. A title company can identify any restrictions placed on a property and root out any title defects that could interfere with the title. It’s imperative to have your title company do an examination before purchasing a property so that you can avoid any unwanted surprises later down the road.

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