Real Estate Tips: Refinancing your mortgage with Bad Credit

A common misconception that many borrowers have is that they cant refinance their home mortgage due to bad credit. Bad credit does impact the loan application process but you do have options. Once you know what your options are, you will be able to understand the long-term implications of refinancing your mortgage with bad credit.

Mortgage Tips

1.) Learn more about your credit.  It’s quite frustrating emphasize bad credit when you are trying to get a loan. However, credit does matter so learn more about it. Be able to understand your FICO aka “Credit Score” and learn about the number of factors related to it and of your past financial activity. A potential lender needs to assess your ability to repay a loan on time  and even though your credit score is a clear indication of that ability, the value of your home can allay your lender’s willingness in giving you a loan. Make sure you don’t fail on your mortgage payments or your lender can take your home.

2.) Find the right refinance lender. Though this may be a tricky task, it is doable. Do a thorough internet search, and you will be able to find several lenders with quotes. Effective online research can help you choose the type of lender you want to do business with. Remember to develop a list of several lenders, compare different interest rates and make sure they can work well with your budget. Know all of your options available to you and know about lenders who work with sub-prime loans.


3.) Know about the after effects  of refinancing your loan. Once you know your options for taking out a refinance loan, you will be better off. Since you may have bad credit, you may be forced to pay less than ideal interest rates. Nonetheless, refinancing your mortgage can still be beneficial. In-spite of paying a higher interest rate, you will have lower monthly payments. The term of your refinance loan will be longer than what remained on your original mortgage. In short, the process of refinancing your mortgage can help you improve your credit in the long run. Lowered monthly payments will help you save up more cash for other bills


Once you have re payed your refinanced mortgage, you can refinance again for a lower interest rate.  It won’t be long until your bad credit will be a thing of the past.With all these tips at hand, you will have a better chance at refinancing your mortgage with bad credit.

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Tips for refinancing your mortgage with bad credit

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