News and Trends: The Current Shift Towards Title Insurance


People are starting to understand how important title insurances is to homeowner protection.

Often, when homebuyers or those refinancing their mortgages see the itemized estimate for all of the closing costs and fees associated with a home and property, the largest fee on that list is title insurance. As most of the home buying process is hectic, stressful, confusing, and exhausting, most buyers just accept this without a thought and are ready to move on, even if they don’t understand what title insurance is. So, what is title insurance and what does it mean for homebuyers? Read on to learn more.  

Title Insurance Offers Extra-Legal Protection

In what cases can title insurance protect you? Well, in case someone shows up months or years after you buy your home and claims to be the rightful owner of the property, or to have had a stake in the transaction, a title insurance protects you from perhaps having to legally relinquish your home. It protects you from any liens placed against the house due to previous owners. Title insurance gives you an extra layer of protection.

A Protection You Can’t Do Without

Insurance companies and their agents always begin any transaction by running a title search and combing through all the government filings related to the property that they can find. They do this before homes or bought or mortgages are refinanced to help proactively sort out any issues ahead of time. This also reduces this risk of your filing a claim later on. However, in the off chance they missed something, you cannot afford to go without title insurance. Whether it’s long last heirs appearing, liens, or any other sort of drama, title insurance protects you long term.

Instances In Which Title Insurance Is Invaluable

There are a number of instances in which title insurance offers protection. People make mistakes, and if the insurance company missed that there was some sort of lien on the house when researching it and you do not have title insurance, this can cause problems down the road if you attempt to sell it. If the previous owner’s heirs, or others who they have willed the house to, show up and claim that they did not approve of the sale, title insurance protects you. It protects you from any schemes or mistakes causing you to lose your house.

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