Misinformation about Real Estate Property Listings

In this day and age there is an information overload. Everything you have ever wanted to know is at your fingertips. But then there’s also the age old saying “don’t believe everything that you read.” This statement is becoming more relevant every day with the misinformation that is spread across the internet with the tap of a button.

Certain companies are internet aggregators such as: Zillow, Realtor.com or Truila. These companies collect real estate information from the internet and repackage the listings for internet users. The issue with this type of system is if you were looking up a particular property it can appear on a few different lists. But the realtor who is on the site is not the person who listed the property. Real estate agents can pay an advertising fee to the aggregator and have their picture next to the property. This can cause a lot of confusion for consumers who think that the person on the advertisement is the person to call for information about that listing.

The best way to select a real estate agent is through recommendations from people you know and trust or another reliable source.

The market is heating up. Buyers are in the marketplace, but there needs to be more choices.  As it is, well priced, properties are receiving multiple offers.  If you are in that situation and need to understand “escalator” clauses, give us a call.

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