Maryland Real Estate Settlement: Investors & the Steady Housing Market

While the economic status of the States is still a little less than stable, the housing market is beginning to make a comeback. Just in time for the New Year and a fresh start, housing prices are up, and pending sales and new construction is soaring high. What’s more, the number of houses on the market continues to go down.

So who’s responsible for the steadying real estate market amidst difficult job outlooks and growing levels of personal financial woes? Investors. Scooping in to give some tender care to rundown properties, investors are taking advantage of the Federal Reserve’s low interest rate, which brings down the cost of mortgages, while simultaneously making more conventional investment means – savings accounts and bonds – less desirable because of the difficulty to see high returns on them. That’s why investors who are seeking a high return are looking to buy properties as a means of growing their funds.

Unlike traditional homebuyers, investors have the means to pay in cash and buy multiple houses at a time. What else sets them apart? They’re also financially backing homebuilders, who have been struggling to receive loans from banks. Whether a new construction or a fixer-upper, investors intend to gain income by renting the homes they purchase for the next 5-7 years when high real estate prices are expected, and then sell when the market is strong.

Whether you’re an investor, real estate agent, or an independently operating homebuyer, Colony Title can help you to take advantage of the stable real estate market with our settlement services in Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

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Investors Fuel U.S. Housing Recovery

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