Homeownership an Economical Approach to Living

According to a new real estate study, the old trope holds true: buying a home is often more affordable than renting one.

Conducted by the real estate information online resource, Zillow, the study examined 200 metropolitan areas and 7,500 cities to determine how long it would take before a homeowner would begin to see the financial payoff that comes with purchasing a home. In about three of every four metro areas tracked, the break-even point was ushered in in as little as three years – or less.

Factors considered in reaching this conclusion were housing and renting costs – including down payments, property taxes, closing costs, maintenance fees, tax deductions, rental payments, and mortgage expenses.

Of course, there are always exceptions, and it’s no doubt that some pricier real estate markets – like San Jose, California – have a significantly longer timeframe when it comes to reaping the financial benefits of homeownership. While about 7% of the 200 metropolitan areas followed took over five years to reach the break-even mark – all of which, again, were in California – many areas took only 1.6 years. These real estate hot spots include Memphis, Tennesse; Salisbury, Maryland; Red Bluff, California; Fernley, Nevada; and Tampa, Florida.

The chief economist at Zillow, Stan Humphries, insists that the unprecedented affordability of housing throughout most of the country ensures that buying a home is an increasingly wise decision. Contributing further to the incentive to hop on the home buying bandwagon is the reality that rents have risen more than 5% over the past year, according to Humphries.

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Many Homeowners break even shortly after buying, new analysis reveals


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