Haunted Houses for Halloween!

With Halloween around the corner, many homeowners are decking their decks out with spooky decorations – cobwebs, creepy figures, ghoul silhouettes – but most of them indulge in decorating in celebration of the holiday, not because they actually want their house to be a haunted hotspot.

Realtor.com conducted a recent survey in anticipation of the upcoming trick-or-treat filled fun, and determined that at least 32% of potential homebuyers would contemplate closing on a haunted house or one suspected of paranormal activity.

Even so, 29% of that 32% expect a discounted price to be in order if they’re going to risk sharing quarters with specters and unwelcome guests. Two percent, however, weighed in and claimed they’d be willing to pay extra to call a haunted house home.

The majority of those polled expressed serious reservations about cursed or eerie properties, with 62% saying that feeling a warm or cold spot on a home tour – imagined to be induced by the presence of a ghost – could end the chance of a sale. Other factors that would make potential buyers turn back? Strange noises, footsteps, and slamming doors – or so said 48% of those surveyed. But 41% admitted they’d embrace a ghostly presence – so long as they remained invisible.

As Halloween approaches, our question to you is this: would you rather the ghost stories you hear around the holiday remain fictions – or are you willing to risk them becoming fact?


Borrowers will buy haunted houses, but expect discount

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