Everything You Wanted To Know About A Property Survey

property survey

Understanding a property survey is easier than you think.

A property survey provides you with a bird’s eye view of what your own. In fact, property surveys are used by title insurance companies to examine the boundary of your actual property. These exemplary maps depict any encroachments that may occur from neighboring properties as well as any physical attributes that are part of your property. These can include such things as rivers, lakes, creeks, roadways, and elevations. Typically surveys are performed during the initial construction of the property. However, you can conduct a property survey at any time to ensure that you know what you own and where the boundary lines of your property are lying.  Property surveys are very helpful in knowing where your neighbors’ properties are. As a result, you can make appropriate decisions about landscaping or installing a fence.

Why Conduct A Property Survey?

There are a variety of reasons homeowners would want to conduct a property survey on their property. In fact, although you typically receive the documentation of the property survey upon closing on your home, if you are building a custom home then you will be required to have a property survey performed on your new home. Furthermore, the importance of having a property survey conducted cannot be overshadowed. Serving as an official record of the boundaries of your property, a survey provides everyone distinct information about property ownership and property lines. Say you want to build a pool in your backyard? You may need to obtain your property survey so that you can gather the proper delineations of property lines to ensure that you don’t build a pool on any neighboring property. In addition, surveys indicate any easements that may be valid on your property. Easements indicate the right to access a specific portion of a property and need to be followed if applicable. Therefore, the innate value that property surveys bring is invaluable to homeowners.

The Difference Between A Property Survey And A Property Description

The basic distinction between a property survey and a property description is that a property survey is a detailed map of your property. However, a legal property description simply provides a description of your property and is typically found on your deed, title insurance policy, and mortgage.

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