Don't Forget to Buy Title Insurance before Buying your Home

Last week, we talked about jumping on the hot real estate finds sweeping across the nation in our post, “Homeownership an Economical Approach to Living.” But when you’re getting ready to sign the deed, we want to remind you not to forget to consult the title experts at Colony Title to help you search the history of your potential property and insure the title of your house.

Here’s how we launch the process of searching a home’s title:

1.    Beginning with the most recent deed, we perform a search of the current title holder’s name and then move backwards in time up to the grantor, who appropriately, is responsible for granting the title.

2.    Following this process, the grantor’s name is searched backwards in the grantee’s book to determine the point in time at which the grantor acquired the title.

3.    This procedure is continued until our experts uncover the U.S. Patent.

Obtaining title insurance will secure you against loss arising from defects that might go undetected in the search process, protecting you against claims in the future. It is a one-time only purchase that is valid for as long as you own the property.

Here are some of the most commonly covered items in a Owner’s Title Insurance Policy:

1.    Clear title to the property

2.    Protection in the case of incorrect signatures on documents

3.    Coverage in the face of forgery and fraud

4.    Security against defective recordation

5.    Protection from Encumbrances or judgments

To learn more about title insurance policies and the type of plans offered by Title Colony, schedule an appointment with one of our experts today.

If you have questions, the Maryland real estate insurance experts at Colony Title Associates can be reached by calling 410 884-1160 or visit today!

About Colony Title Associates:

Founded in 1995, Colony Title Group handles in excess of 2000 real estate closings per year in the central Maryland area. The founder Tee Tillman has over 23 years experience in the title and real estate law fields. Colony handles closings for several lenders, including banks, credit unions and mortgage brokers. Colony is the preferred choice for many real estate brokers in the area.

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