Colony Title: An Independent Title Insurance Company You Can Trust

The real estate market is beginning to improve: rates are down and housing contracts are being submitted near or at the asking price of properties if the home is listed at a fair and appropriate price.

With low rates, the question on many homeowners’ lips is whether or not to refinance. A lot of our clients approach us with hesitancy about adjustable rate mortgages. We respond to their uncertainty with a question: “How long do you plan on staying in the house you have now?” If it’s ten years or less, we recommend an adjustable rate mortgage, since it can be fixed for 5, 7, or 10 years at a rate below the 30-year fixed rate. This allows for some degree of flexibility, giving borrowers the luxury to invest their savings as they see fit – including possibly paying the difference towards principal.

With the state of the market, investors are looking to buy, and with the tax savings, rental properties are becoming more and more valuable. Though closing on a property in foreclosure can be a risky ordeal, the professionals at Colony Title can help you to make the right moves.

As an independent business, we have something to offer you that most other title companies cannot. The title company recommended to you by your realtor or lender oftentimes has a financial connection to said advocate. This means that the title company’s allegiance could be questionable.

At Colony Title, we have maintained a status as an independent company that does not call to a captive realtor or lender, meaning that we provide unbiased, professional representation and advice for our clients.

Right now, there is a locally pending lawsuit that seeks to answer what happens when lenders, realtors, and title companies are linked – and whether that serves the consumer well or not. Here at Colony Title, we are interested to see what conclusions the court reaches, and are confident that our independent status helps us serve homebuyers in the best possible capacity.

We want to be your title company and law firm. We work very hard to deserve your trust. If you have questions, the Maryland real estate insurance experts at Colony Title Associates can be reached by calling 410-884-1160 or visit today!

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