2017: A Year of Change and Advancement for Title Insurance

In taking a closer look at the technological and industry advancements of last year, we can better understand the important changes and contributions to title insurance in 2018.

Since the early months of 2017, there have been several changes in the title insurance industry. From new studies offering industry insight, to updates in regulatory activity, many changes have transpired between technology and real estate. In taking a closer look at the industry advancements of last year, we can better understand the important changes and contributions to title insurance in 2018.  

Valuable Insights

As we progress into the start of 2018, the need for consumer title insurance education continues to grow. This much needed measure has finally evolved into something that people both prefer and discuss in 2017. The goal for this is to continue informing people of this measure as a necessity in real estate for 2018, especially first-time homebuyers. Many of these individuals are completely unaware that mortgages involve closing costs, and several surveys have been conducted that show just how vulnerable and uniformed these novice home buyers are.

Regulatory Changes Come And Go

Although it is a continuing cycle with a new business driven administration in the White House, regulations in the industry are finally seeing a significant shift. These new actions being taken have led states to see noticeable changes in policies surrounding title insurance. Despite the fact that many large obstacles remain for homebuyers and sellers alike, the positive point is that the industry is continuing to improve into 2018.

Notable Legal Progress

While their cases and regulations may be lesser known or discussed, there are specific courts that address landlord tenant issues as well as title defect issues. From residential to commercial, real estate litigation is a vast industry that is continuously changing. Being informed on all the latest changes is especially vital for any homebuyer or title insurance company.

Industry Technology Moves Forward

In the end, 2017 was not only another year of major advancements in the technology industry, but also one of technological advances in the real estate world. More transactions were completed digitally in 2017, and eMortgages became a viable option for homebuyers.  

A Title Insurance Company You Can Trust: Colony Title Associates

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