Make Your Home Closing Painless!


Closing day doesn’t have to be painful! Read on for tips on preparing for your happy day.

You’ve found the house of your dreams, signed a contract, and gotten approved for a mortgage. Finally, all the work that goes with buying a home is paying off, and it’s time for the most important day of the process: closing day. Perhaps you thought closing day would simply involve signing a seemingly endless amount of paperwork and exchanging a check for the keys. However, rarely is it ever that simple. Preparing yourself in advance for any contingency on closing day is the only way to make it as painless as possible.

Asking Questions is Key

Having a clear line of communication with all of the parties involved in the deal will help ensure a successful closing. You should ask as many questions as necessary and get familiarized with the closing process. Knowledge is power, and since the purchase of a home is the most important purchase of your life, you ought to arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can.

Review Your Loan Documents Ahead of Time

You can ask your lender or attorney for your loan documents to confirm that everything is going according to plan. You should also make sure to review all the documents you’re going to sign on closing day before you actually sign them – this will help you have a clearer understanding of the terms and ensure that your closing settlement statement is relatively close to your initial estimate.

Allow Plenty of Time on Closing Day

A smooth closing day could take as few as 30 minutes to complete, but, ideally, you should take the entire day off from work in case of unforeseen problems or delays. This way you can take the time to review all of the documents again. If there is anything wrong with your loan documents, such as typos or other irregularities, time will be needed to correct and resubmit them. Imagine being late for work or missing out on a lunch break because your closing process was delayed! That wouldn’t make anybody too happy. Allowing enough time for any problems that may come up is a good move and will contribute to your peace of mind on closing day.

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