4 Home Closing Tips from Colony Title Associates

You may just be a few days away from selling your home, but there are a few home closing tips you should review before the big day.

After all the legwork of finding an agent and connecting with a buyer, there are a few home closing tips that every home seller should keep in mind for a smooth transaction.


Take a Full Day Off

It’s true that most home closings can take as little as 30 minutes, but there are always curve balls that could delay things. You want to be clear headed in the final stages of selling your home, and you won’t be able to fully concentrate if you are worried about getting back to work. Even worse, some people try to get the deal closed during their lunch break. You are going to be agitated if the closing is delayed and you have had anything to eat since breakfast, so do yourself a favor and don’t rush the process.

One Last Walkthrough

Make sure that the home is in the agreed upon condition before the closing. You may notice things that you need to fix at the last minute, so don’t let a few minor issues affect the entire sale. There also may be things you realize that you can’t fix in time, so it’s best to seek the counsel of your real estate agent before the closing. You want to work out any issues with the buyer before they move into the home.

Prepare the Funds in Advance

Closing costs not being ready are a big reason why deals can be delayed. You either need to have a certified check or arrange funds to be transferred in advance. There can be so many fees at home closings that it can be hard to keep track of, so review all paperwork carefully to know exactly how much you need to pay.

Be Prepared for a Delay

One of the best home closing tips that we can offer you is to be prepared for mistakes. It’s important to look through all the paperwork with a fine toothcomb before the closing, but you or the buyer may just miss an error in the paperwork. Be prepared for a delay if something doesn’t add up when closing on your home. Armed with these for home closing tips, you should be ready to sell your home.

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