What Is Deed Preparation?

The search for the perfect home might seem like a never-ending process. But once you find it, there are only a few steps that stand between you and full, legal ownership of the house of your dreams. One of those steps is the deed preparation.

What exactly is deed preparation? Basically, this process ensures that every “i” is dotted and every “t” crossed when it comes to your property deed. Having the deed in your name signifies that the house and attached property legally belongs to you. There are several different forms of deeds, and it is important for your title company, such as Colony Title Associates, to be knowledgeable about which one is the right fit for your property needs. Should your deed be a grant, warranty, quitclaim, or gift deed? The experts at Colony Title will know.

Grant deeds are pretty common. A grant deed ensures that the seller (and only the seller) is entitled to sell that property to you (and only to you). Warranty deeds are similar, but they also place responsibility on the seller for potential legal issues. A quitclaim deed is used to guarantee that the seller no longer claims any ownership over the property. And a gift deed is used often in cases of inheritance, when no money is involved in the transfer of property.

Have your deed prepared by a professional from Colony Title.

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