Why Do You Need Title Insurance in Maryland?

Are you planning on buying a new home soon? If so, one of the things you need to consider is title insurance in Maryland. Title insurance could end up saving your home from a title issue that is both unforseen and unpredictable.

So what are these issues? And how does title insurance work? The answers are in our blog!


Title insurance in Maryland protects your home.

Why Do You Need Title Insurance in Maryland?

Title Issues

Title issues are problems with your home’s title that stem from a third party. Some of these issues might stick you with a debt you didn’t occur, while others could even contest your ownership of the home. Here are a few examples.

An Unpaid Lien

Let’s say a previous homeowner owed a debt to a creditor. The creditor put a lien on the home in an attempt to get the debt repaid.

If you were to buy the home without doing a title search and without title insurance, you would now be responsible for this lien. While that might not be fair, that’s the way it works.

A Recording Error

Property records are made by humans, and humans make mistakes. This could result in a number of issues, such as someone who shows up after you buy your home claiming they have a legitimate stake in your home’s title.

How does title insurance in Maryland protect you?

Title insurance protects you by equipping you with a team ready to defend your claim to your home’s title in the event that an issue does come up.

So let’s say someone did make a claim on your home’s title. With title insurance, your title company will take care of the legal issues. Without title insurance, you’d have to do this yourself, which is not only expensive but could result in you losing your home.

Title companies also conduct title searches before you even buy your home to dig up potential issues with the home’s title. That way, these things get taken care of before you assume ownership of the home.

Not all title issues are discoverable. Issues that come up as a result of recording error or fraud are impossible to discover. But that’s what title insurance in Maryland is for!

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