How to Stage Your Home


Properly staging your home can make it sell faster and for more money.

While the housing market is on the upswing and that is a positive for those in both positions, it also comes with some added challenges. It increases competition, so it is imperative that you make your home stand out. There is no better trick when it comes to selling a home quickly than staging it perfectly. When you stage your home, you make sure it creates the right first impression and draws potential homebuyers in. If you want to know how to stage your home, read on to learn some important tips and tricks.

Stage Your Home to Make it Feel Welcoming

There’s no distinct science to it, but we’ve all walked into a house and either “felt good” about it or not. A sure way to make sure prospective buyers feel the right way about your home and can see themselves living happily in it is to make it feel welcoming. Clean your carpets to make them look and feel plush. Clean your drapes and replace anything that looks old or worn down. When it comes to selling a home, it’s important to make potential buyers feel comfortable and at home in warm environment.

Stage Your Home for Physical Attractiveness

Staging your home can engage all the senses, but sight is the foremost. Cleaning, polishing, and decluttering are key. Make sure that especially your kitchen is spotless, as this can be a major selling point of any home. Get rid of extraneous furniture and knick knacks. Your home should feel like a blank slate, ready for future buyers to decorate to their liking.

Make Sure Your Home Smells Great

Selling a home is hard enough, and if your home does not smell amazing it can be even harder. There are many scents we go nose-blind to from growing accustomed to them, such as that of pets. Make sure all of your trash is taken out, there are no dishes in the sink, and any food you may have been eating or cooking with a less than pleasant scent is cleaned away.

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