Common Problems Title Services and Insurance Protect You From


Having title insurance protects you from property line mishaps, leins, and unauthentic deeds.

Title insurance is an agreement that proves you’re buying exactly what you think you’re buying when signing a housing contract. Without it, there are certain loopholes or title defects that could result in portions of your property taken from you. Title insurance seeks to eliminate these defects so no one holds claim to your possessions. There are a multitude of title defects you could face which will have items you thought were your’s taken from you. Familiarizing yourself with these defects is extremely important. Don’t get caught in a lengthy, expensive lawsuit! Protect yourself with title insurance first! To educate you on these housing ownership mishaps, we’ve made a short list of common problems title insurance protects you from. Holding claim to all property you’re signing paperwork for should be a simple and straightforward. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who take advantage of naivety. This is why title services are in your best interest to have.

Don’t Get Hung Up in Property Disputes, Trust Title Services!

Sometimes, especially when housing property is old, the prior owners subdivided land or made an error in the original legal descriptions. When this happens, land that seems it is associated with your front or back yard, could arguably be your neighbors.This issue often arises If an adjacent homeowner is installing a new fence. They’ll take a look at property lines and unfairly build very close to home if there are deed mistakes. If you have title insurance, the headaches of property disputes and deed error are avoidable. If the problems arise, however, title insurance seeks to acquire the disputed property on your behalf, pay the value of your loss or the diminution in value of the home. Protect yourself from tiresome neighborhood disputes with a trusted title insurer before it’s too late. You should have a positive, caring relationship with your neighbor, not a toxic one! Legal battles are exhausting.

Title Services Will Protect You From Leins

When construction work is done, or previous interest by third party groups are discovered, inaccurate claims to portions of your property are made. Lein rights are put in place to ensure contractors or subcontractors receive payment for their services. They also protect third party interests by, in some cases, stating they have the right to drive through portions of your driveway to access a roadway or other points of interest. Title insurance attempts to eliminate this unfair third party access and pay damages to loss of property or leins tied to previous contractor work. A lot of complicated legal agreements will affect your title. In today’s world, if you aren’t 100% aware of possible homeowner legal battles, you could find yourself unfairly spending ridiculous amounts of money that isn’t your responsibility. Good title insurance can protect you!

Chain of Title Issues

Previous owners can sometimes argue that your deed is forged. If obtained under false pretenses by a realtor. If this is true, you may find yourself paying some serious damages and property loss for no fault of your own. Title insurance seeks to thoroughly investigate the deed before you buy the house. If there are any title defects, they will make you aware and provide you with feasible solutions. Unfairly shelling out thousands of dollars associated with third party negligence need not be covered by new homeowners. With title insurance, you won’t ever need to worry about these unfortunate occurrences.

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